The mother and daughter duo behind ATUKO want the world to know that they believe that personal style not only reflects a person’s personality but also her idiosyncratic way of life. In other words, they believe that fashion and style should reflect the wearer as much as it should follow current trends which, ultimately, derive from this individualization process each of us participates in when we put together an outfit.


Going further, ATUKO believes that even the most fashionable garment will not stand the test of time if it doesn’t speak to the wearer’s human character, outlining it as a frame does a picture. You are the centerpiece and fashion is an accent that helps bring your story to life. We see ourselves as the narrators while you are the absolute author of your own style.


The foundation for the brand is freedom of body and soul. It is an expression of minimalism and executed with quality and durability foremost in mind. Above all, the brand portrays dynamic action rather than static boredom. We are anything but boring. It’s just not in our DNA and it’s not our brand.


Boring here means more of the same or ordinary. In some cases that is appropriate. We are not talking about those times. We seek out things that complement, emphasize, and enhance the wearer’s inner freedom and personality.


That’s why we spare no expense when it comes to the fabrics and yarns that we use in oversized style clothes. We know these things will endure and continue to provide the wearer with comfort, luxury, and style for years to come.


Hence, ATUKO’s motto “better have less, but better.” We don’t skimp on materials and quality production, no matter what. Again, it’s just not who we are as a company.


Such a spirit also informs our approach to design. We don’t launch an item unless “we cannot live without it” and we wear our own designs.


Every single product represents our strong and firm belief in Atuko’s mission. From fabrics, yarns, designs, and our team, we approach everything with an open-hearted spirit and adoration for the individual spirit.


In fact, you’ll notice that many of our garments are handmade by skilled tailors thus making sure that they are made to order and just for you.

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